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MS vs Android

George R [PersonRank 10]

Wednesday, November 16, 2011
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Microsoft is suing Barnes & Noble for using Google's Android operating system on their e-book readers and tablet without a license from Microsoft. Microsoft is threatening or claiming patent infringement.

Barnes & Noble made a presentation about Microsoft's behavior to the USA Department of Justice antitrust division (pdf).

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There is an overview of these patents at networkworld and more detailed coverage at groklaw. ... ... ...

The below patent summary text is adapted from a page within the B&N presentation (above pdf) and can also be found as a jpg image at networkworld.

Below are patent numbers
D – discussed prior to litigation
L – asserted in litigation

D,L #6,339,780
placing a loading status icon in the content viewing area of a browser

D #5,579,517 #5,758,352
compatibility of file names employed by current and outmoded operating systems

D #5,652,913
storing input/output access factors in a shared data structure

D #6,791,536 #6,897,853
simulating mouse inputs using non-mouse devices

L #5,778,372
browser that recognizes background images in an electronic document and displays the background images after text – i.e. duplicative display

L #5,889,522
putting known tab controls into an operating system for use by all applications, rather than providing tabs on an application-by-application basis

L #6,891,551
using handles to change the size of selection areas for selected text

L #6,957,233
storing and displaying of annotations of text which is not modifiable

slashdot coverage: ...

George R [PersonRank 10]

8 years ago #

Groklaw has more about the MS vs B&N case. B&N has filed a 45 page supplemental notice of prior art.

Itworld has an overview. Groklaw has more detailed coverage. ... ...

The above Groklaw story has incorporates the text from the prior art notice. The notice is also available as a pdf.

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slashdot coverage: ...

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