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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
20 years ago


Anything on the web can be used and misused.
Shorturl can also tell something about the destingnation

Ex: = auto safelist submitter

But the main reason to scramble link's is to hide the url
from hijack's (THE CLICKBANK ISSUE)

Hijacker's simply rip of the (?hop=ref) and you ain't get your commision

Sometime I also have to track the link

According to the "BIG G's algo" we know that keyword in url + backlink/ anchor link text is the proper way to optimize (I allready use it where I can)

And with them hard "hacklink" I use the <font title="">

<a href=""><font title="use this if u want to hide your affiliate link">Rederict url</font></a>

PS: Use guidelines as long as it make sense or ?

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