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Content is King ? [PersonRank 7]

Tuesday, June 15, 2004
20 years ago

Does it make sense?

If you analyze the "Top 3 Serp" Googling
with the string/term "nigritude ultramarine"
at pm 15.33 – 15/7 you get this result -

Backlink count 0 and PR 0/10

Backlink count 11 PR 6/10

Backlink count 663 PR 6/10

I believe Philipp can gain no.1 spot
if he use "nigritude ultramarine in the "title"
(not nessesary but the different between rank 5 or 1)

Otherwise why should a site with no backlink,
no pagerank gain that no.1 rank ?

Is it the content that matter or a hidden factor?

Since I startet examine the scenario a was able
to puss from rank
4 – 2 and thats indicate click-popularity
Proberly the same (algo) happens within yahoo
because I made the same test here and
the seems to rank well here to
with no backlink and no webrank.

The title could play a roll here to!

Should one forget about optimize
and force everyone you know to
click like h...

From my point of View:
Its hard to gain Toprank in
Google & Yahoo with the same
site unless you click, click, click


Krzychu [PersonRank 0]

19 years ago #

Did you ment that you clicked on your site in google result your self?

[signature removed. -Ed.]

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