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The value of your traffic [PersonRank 7]

Sunday, November 28, 2004
19 years ago

Know wich keyword provide the best return

Is it wise only to reley on traffic from the searchingine's,
or should you use all kind of option's.

What can we expect from the different technic's (repeated visitor)

O,5 – 1,5% Banner clickthrue
1,2 – 2,5 Newsletter
1,5% TV spots
1,9% From your own 404 error page
4,4% Advertising – write article
3 – 5% PPC Google adwords
15 – 20% Word of mouth
20% Various surfing
45% Search Ingines

Personaly I prefer the Search Ingines,
because keyword research make sense
and I think you have some sort of control.

On the other hand if you need to some how
pay for "targeted traffic" what is the price
and do you gain the best ROI or get ripped off.

My conclution is that "Word of Mouth" and turning words into traffic is the best free ride you ever get.

Kind Regard's
Kim Anton Hollenner

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