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Jude [PersonRank 0]

Monday, June 21, 2004
20 years ago

I have a dozen gmail invites to anyone interested (military preferred)
You can email me at geekgrljones[put at-character here]

Prabu [PersonRank 1]

20 years ago #

could you pl. send a gmail invite.

my emil: prabhakaran[put at-character here]

Jose Romero-Mariona [PersonRank 1]

20 years ago #

Could I get one, Please? Thanks

Jose Romero
virjose[put at-character here]

Spencer [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

I'd be interested in an invite.

Vishal [PersonRank 1]

20 years ago #

Could you please send me one?
please and
thanks in advance,

Vishal [PersonRank 1]

20 years ago #

ummm...sorry i gave my email address that just shut down...


thanks again

Martin [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

If you have any, would you mind sending me one as well? TIA


Jay [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

I wouldnt mind an invite if you can spare one.

james.osborne[put at-character here]

Maki [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

Could I get an invite? please

Frazzy [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

Send to me pleas =)

Frazzy66[put at-character here]

pelsen [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #


flamie [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

flames[put at-character here]

hokysmoky [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

I could really use an invite to gmail,and I would really appreciate it too! Thank You & God Bless You. hokysmoky[put at-character here]

Hani! [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

I would really like an gmail!


Thank you even if i dont get an invite :)

he1814[put at-character here]

Joshi [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

A gmail would be awesome – thanks in advance!


Anders [PersonRank 1]

20 years ago #

If possible:
kamel at

Anders [PersonRank 1]

20 years ago #

And, thanks in advance!

Sjur [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

sjurlur at

would be fun

Svein E. [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

dux[put at-character here]

Claudio [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

please, please!!!
could you please send me one?

zalaam [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

mesa wants!

Thorsø [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

I want a gmail
mats__tj[put at-character here]

EagleEye [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

I really want an invite :p

eagleeye (a)

Guest [PersonRank 1]

20 years ago #


tnx in advance

Torstein [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

torsti2k[put at-character here]

thanx :)

DrixXx [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

Joining the list, and hoping for a miracle.

henrikrs (a)

Trond [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

I would love an invite :)

tronnyha[put at-character here]

newsflash [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

me too :-)

oifind[put at-character here]

erix [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

erik_jensse[put at-character here] plzplz

[Tiger] [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

hoping for an invite

jolober[put at-character here]

me too! [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

mcaroni[put at-character here]

Yixun Zhang [PersonRank 1]

20 years ago #

count me in
yixunz[put at-character here]

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

20 years ago #

To all those still looking for Gmail invites, there was some activity in which looked good – 20 gmail invitations. This is the Google Groups 2 Beta Google news group I started. Note Google Groups 2 is (was) quite buggy. The group is also intended as sandbox at the moment to try out the new functionality.

bob [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

can i have one?? hey174619[at]yahoo[dot]com

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