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Monday, July 17, 2006
17 years ago4,079 views

I contacted the Gmail team thru this web form upon an error I encountered with the filters. (Gmail gave me 'error code 600' when creating a filter with about 100 email addresses)

Their response was fast (this first response is probably automatic, with keyword matching) with an email suggesting couple FAQ links and a "Yes" or "No" answer link and the bottom to the question "Did this email resolve your issue?", so I clicked "No", because the suggested links they sent me didn't answer my problem.

When I clicked on the "No" link, it took me to a web page where I had to choose between:

Why didn't this suggestion work for you?
1--> It didn't address my issue.
2--> It addressed my issue, but didn't have all the information I needed.
3--> I tried your suggestion, but it didn't work.

Clicked #1, after 6 hours or so, I receive a reply from the Gmail team (not automated this time):

>> Hello,

>> Thanks for taking the time to contact us.

>> Please note that your filter is ineffective for multiple
>> 'From:' email addresses or names at once. You would
>> need to create a different filter for each person you
>> would like to filter emails for.

>> We'd like to know if you're still affected by this issue
>> (the error 600 you mentioned) – if so, please respond
>> to this message so that we can continue to look into it.

>> Sincerely,

>> The Google Team

Of course, I was very pleased to have a real Googler address with issues, so I emailed them back to thanked them for the help and also suggested couple enhancements. Their response again was:

>> Hello,

>> Thank you for your response.

>> While Gmail doesn't currently support the functionality
>> for more filters, we are testing many new features to
>> improve the Gmail service.

>> We are forwarding your feature request to the appropriate
>> team. We appreciate hearing from Gmail users, and value
>> all of the help you offer while we improve the Gmail experience.


They Followed their latest email with a last one 24 hours later or so stating:

>> Hi,

>> Can you help us improve Gmail support?
>> We welcome feedback about your recent experience
>> so that we can improve the way we serve you.

>> Share your thoughts by answering five quick questions
>> via the link below.


>> Your thoughts will help us to serve you better in the future.

>> Sincerely,

>> The Google Team

While I understand that other people did not experience a better Gmail support , overall I want to say that you could never have dreamed for a better support for a web based free product. Maybe Gmail is improving their support.

Gmail Rocks!

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