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Wednesday: 5 New Gmails Here

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

Wednesday, June 23, 2004
20 years ago

Post your full name and current email in this thread to receive a Gmail invitation. One thing you need to answer: how did you find your way into this forum? Which Google search term did you use, or are you a regular reader, or ...? If more than 5 people post here, I will make a decision who to invite.

Phil [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

Phil Lindsay

follower [.at.]

Google search for "gmail invite" then sat here refreshing for a few days... :-)

Peter Coe [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

Peter Coe

gagabo_2002[put at-character here]

I followed a link from another discussion forum to get here.

Julie [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

Julie LaRosa

taxedmonkey [at] optonline [dot] net

I searched for "gmail filters", then got an article on spam which pointed to our Gmail Stress Test.

Yossarko [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

I have 5 invites, email me at yossarko[put at-character here] with your email address and I'll invite you. Thanks.

Emmett [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

I've found this to be one of the better gMail/Google resources and hope this is OK.

I've got 5 invites that I'd like to hand out here also.

emerwin at

Gina [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

Hi there!

I still don't have a gmail-invite but would be happy to finally get one ;)

I found the page with the link from your blog...


gina (gina[at]

Marco Mayer [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #


I'm a regular reader and finally also would like to checkout gmail.

As I'm a regular reader I found the forum on your webpage of course ;)


Marco Mayer (me[at]

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

20 years ago #

OK, my 5 invites are out to you guys! Have fun.

Emmett [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

OK, I'm out for the day.

Joe K. [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

I found this at another discussion forum, been waiting for gmail :)

i'd love an invite. thanks

joe (joebeauford[at]

Andrew G. [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #


I got to the blog via (the php googlebot alert code) and saw this link. If anyone reading has a gmail invite burning a hole in their pocket shoot it to adsgray[put at-character here]

Missy G [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

I subscribe to this forum through RSS and Bloglines. I admit that the Gmail post got my attention.

I'd love an invite.

mcgstl[put at-character here]

Jon Erik Loberg [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

I found my way through an norwegian computer forum.

would love an invite

jolober[put at-character here]

Joe R [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

I found this at another discussion forum, been waiting for gmail :)

i'd love an invite. thanks

Joe R (cupcrazy[at]

Iolaire McFadden [PersonRank 6]

20 years ago #

I probably found Google Blogscoped by searching on Google for "Google Web API PHP." Since then I've been visiting the site a few times per day looking for topics to breakup my workday.

I have yet to use the API via PHP. But trying to find an entry for your shortest null Google query gmail invite contest I was able to modify the .Net example from Google – resulting in my first .Net script!

iolaire ....

justin [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

i dont need gmail (i've got an account already) – but i found your site via googling for stuff on the google api.

Emily Marks [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

Was searching around for invites, and ran across this site.

My email is (Emily[at]audioinsanity[dot]com)

Thanks in advance.

Slavoljub Popovic [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

Was reading Simon Willison's blog, and found this site via some of sites in his blogroll list.

My email is slavoljub [at] yandex [dot] ru

I'm just curious what Gmail looks like.

Vegard Olsen [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

Found the link on, a norwegian computer forum.

My current email is vegard [at] smuss [dot] org


Elliot Williams [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

Reading python-web-scraping related stuff. Stumbled across this site.

Anyone still have excess accounts? elliot at elliotwilliams dot org.

Gina Palos [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

I found this from another blog.
I've searched every possible link to get an invite but I am always too late!

Does anyone have an extra invite for me please?

gpdots[put at-character here]

Alex Cho [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

I found this through Google. I used the search term "gmail invite" and it eventually brought me here.

I am in desperate need for Gmail because of all of the emails and messages I use daily.


Ayyappan [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

Hi Loving People

Good People invite Good Boy like me to create an Gmail account.. ;-)

You can invite me on: b_ayyappan[put at-character here]

I still believe that any of the good people like you reading my thread will accept me as a Gmail Friend..To your info i am from lovely India.



kaushal [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

Would like to have a Gmail invite. If you have any left, I would sure appreciate one. Thanks in advance.

kaushal[put at-character here]

Adrian Neumaier [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

adrian_n [at] gmx [dot] de

I would really appreciate getting a gmail invite. If you still have some left i would be happy to recieve one.

A google search for "gmail invite" and one of my friends brought me to this side .


Nathan Malone [PersonRank 0]

20 years ago #

I already have an account but I found your site by monitoring the nigritude ultramarine contest.

Alex Daigle [PersonRank 1]

20 years ago #


I would really like to receive a gmail invite, if it isn't too much to ask.

newbypwns told me about this site.

Alex Daigle [PersonRank 1]

20 years ago #

Sorry i though you ment what e-mail you wanted for the gmail, my real e-mail that im useing right now is SpEaK0N[at]linuxmail[dot]org

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