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GoogleBomb Issue [PersonRank 7]

Tuesday, June 29, 2004
20 years ago


How many backlink (number's) with any (x) term's
would be named/concidered as "a GoogleBomb"
50,100,1000,10.000 ?

I made some test my self and find that the word/term/bomb
does'nt have to be part of the title (only body text) to gain toprank ...

But if we look at the "nigritude ultramarine" Bomb it seems to have an influence, depending on the search

blog.outer-court will respond on the full term + single word but how about "nigritude ultra" ?

The last Googledance (update backlinks) was awesome to me and I gain back my 5/10, but I wonder how Yahoo
will treat my small "bombs"

I read an article at the WPN about the difference
in serp's almost overlapped (60 – 40%) now month after
the split between YAHOOGLE

We know that Yahoo love SEO & Google BACKLINK'S
so if we want to rank well on both machine one have to lean on both strategi'es.

I do both, but still Yahoo is damned hard to solve.
Yes, they catch my index, but the undersite/html
comes up with the url from backlink sites with lower

Anyone know any kind of "SEO CLUE" their willl pleace
Yahooslurp beside ($$$)

Ex: I have a SEO site optimized with backlink ranked in Google Top10 and want it to be ranked well in Yahoo to.
I found a simular site ranked well in Yahoo, swap link with anchor text. My SEO site can be found in Yahoo,
but not with the search term/anchor text.

At this time the best answer I have is
"the war is one" the big major ingine's is blocking
it's others service's blogger, Gmail invitation's, ect

If you are a 100 % "gogoman" you will have hard time
rank welll on both Serp's

Correct me if I'm wrong :O)

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

20 years ago #

Yes, Yahoo pays more attention to on-page optimization, whereas Google really couldn't care less.

But I can only speak for myself. I'm 100% usability and accessibility focussed – the search engines just have to follow me. If they don't, bad luck for me now, but in the end they will. No search engine can survive very long by doing very bad things, forcing webmasters to create content for the engines as opposed to the visitors. But in the long run there are still enough web sites not over-SEOd and search engines still have to dig them out and pull them into the top rankings.

Google does nearly always favor reality over SEO trickery. That's why people love Google's ranking – well, more often than not, they do, which is why they keep coming back to perform search queries on it.

You know, when I find titles like "Free MIDI music, Free downloads, MIDI files, free" then (even though I might have been looking for free MIDI files) I would not touch the page with a ten foot pole. I just grow angry at over-optimized pages delivering nothing but bot-food. If Yahoo is favoring them at the moment, I hope Yahoo will change. I won't go the same road with my pages. Rather, I try to think of my visitors, different browsers they use, different browsing situations, etc.

If you want to optimize specifically for a single search engine, you will have a very hard time. Do what makes sense, and time is on your side. With every step the search engine takes into making more sense of everyday pages, your page will rise in the ranking. With every new search engine, even without you having seen it or knowing how it works, you can be sure you have a good basis for being ranked well – or, as well as you deserve it. [PersonRank 7]

20 years ago #

Thank's Philipp

Nice writing, I share the same Ideas -

One should make web 4 peoble rader than 4 ingines,
and TaTahoo do rank garbage over plain well organised
usability web.

I also read that Yahoo refferal's are one the move -
So you might have right about the future -

Ingines have to follow peoble rader than the other way around.

Dig that Yahoo ?? [PersonRank 7]

20 years ago #


I forgot to ask you why you use german content ?
Not that it matter's to me I read and write German to.
Do you want blog.outer-court to rank in the GERMAN part of Google as well, or does your logfile show most viewer
from Deutchland.

One question more:

Do you have luck with your Amazon/affiliate program?
I have been affiliate for several years, but not with big succes, anyway it's more like a service to the visitor's
right ? I think the revenue is 1 / 1000

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

20 years ago #

Kim, I wrote the last entry in German because that's my native tongue. Also I read about the concepts of "broken window phenomenon" in an English book so I wasn't sure this concept had been translated to German before, which is another reason I chose it.

I know I have German readers, not from my log files, but because of feedback via email or other blogs. Also nice to hear you read German too :)

Google on the other hand has nothing at all to do with my choice to write German. I don't write a blog for Google, I write a blog for people like you reading it.

If I now would see I get a gazillion hits from Google because German is so popular with searchers, of course that would get me thinking. Then again, I will keep German posts rare, because I don't believe most readers understand it.

Previously, I also translated some posts into German, and you can find them here:

As for the Amazon affiliate program, no I'm not getting rich, and one might say I didn't even receive a single check so far. But Google AdSense works much better. I will not provide any details here but hope this answers your question :)
Yes, the book is also a service to visitors. I would not put up ads where I see no added value to visitors. This includes Google AdSense, which I keep because I find the links interesting!

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