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Mambo [PersonRank 10]

Wednesday, November 8, 2006
17 years ago7,781 views

Wow that's potentially got some clever stuff. But, as you say, it's only got stuff on fashion, and I'm not into wearing earrings.

Go, Google, GO! You can do bring out a better Google search.

Call it "Google Viz"

Art-One [PersonRank 10]

17 years ago #

Philipp, you're right I think it would be nice if we could combine this thing, with the functionality and Google Image Search e.g. but my feeling is that the owner of is now calling loud, maybe hoping that there is a bigger company buying them soon, and that there is not so much too see for the moment....

Makes me a kind of disappointed...

Mambo [PersonRank 10]

17 years ago #

I agree with you Art-One. They're not necessarily trying to bring out a wonderful product; they're just trying to impress Microsoft or Yahoo, showing them how much potential they have.

Tadeusz Szewczyk [PersonRank 10]

17 years ago #

A new version of

SteveJD [PersonRank 0]

17 years ago #

Yes they have some very clever features, but they are not alone : a London based company called PIXSTA have launched Although this is currently just a shoe store, it uses the similar technology and i understand they have many similar sites on the way. Having reviewed the two, i would say ChezImelda appears to be more of 'purist' shoppers site (although is quite fun for a while).

/pd [PersonRank 10]

17 years ago #

"feeling is that the owner of is now calling loud, maybe hoping that there is a bigger company buying them soon"

Wrong!! I am pretty confident that Munjal Shah will never sale. He's and his team are just not in for an Exit or an IPO .. they are pretty indendent.

This is basically a reluanch efforts of their image recongization technologies over a broader base of prodcuts /entities..

Contender in this space :Polar Rose :)-

Gary Price [PersonRank 10]

17 years ago #

1) If you're looking for more visual search try these:
CogniSign and xcavator

2) LTU Technologies
French company around for many years.
Demo here:

+ Organising personal pictures with content analysis technology
From the 2004 meeting. PDF file.

+ Finding the Right Image in the Corbis Collection
From the 2003 meeting. PDF file.

+ offers a visually search function that PL wrote about a few years ago.

+ from Germany

+ Cydral (offline, coming soon)

Vima Technologies

Paul Pruitt [PersonRank 0]

17 years ago #

Also check for an opensource desktop application with content based image search and its server side version:

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