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A [PersonRank 2]

Monday, May 23, 2005
19 years ago

What I can not understand is why they decided on Slashdot as a suggested choice

Phil Defer [PersonRank 3]

19 years ago #

What's cool though is it loads very fast – Almost as fast as Classic Google.

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

19 years ago #

Slashdot is one of the most visited tech sites...

Peter Huesken [PersonRank 1]

19 years ago #

It'll al lead to, a domain the company registered more than 5 years ago...

Nicolo Bonardi [PersonRank 0]

19 years ago #

Why don't you create a poll that has simple choices such as "I liked it" "I'm neutral" or "I didn't like it".

These kinds of surveys are misleading by offering loaded choices.

Bob Johnson [PersonRank 1]

19 years ago #

Why does anyone care that Google released this piece of garbage? The cloud of hype surrounding Google has now expanded beyond reality. Yes, Google's a great company. But, aside from great search and really fast email (everyone else has storage), what meaningful consumer product have they released?

Someone wrote that Google Fusion is a "junior high school" project next to My Yahoo!. Looks more like kindergarten. There isn't 1 new idea in the product, and it's at least 2 years behind Yahoo!. Their stock quotes even point to Yahoo! – congratulations Google.

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