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Google Backlink Update [PersonRank 7]

Monday, July 19, 2004
19 years ago


Welcome back to the surfice :O)

"While you have been down"
Googlebot have been
made som change to the algorithm/backlink

Before G' only shows 4/10 link but now you will se
even link with 1,2,3 PR

and only the big 5,6,7,8 .... if they are calculated as
relevancy for the theme ......

Now we are waiting to se the effect on the visual PR

How will the change affect the googlebomb's and
I'm sure the link broker's are confused right now.

Wonder why peoble still hang on to the "nigritude" link strategi and does not update their content.

But with the new algorithm "themebased" one have to concider how to gain new backlink's?

Anyway I'm sure the "outer-court" will be visible in SERP'S soon, dont you think :O) With all the activity around "update's" and so , so , so

Googlebot might find your link
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God' day to you Philipp

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

19 years ago #

Thanks for the welcome back. Yes, I believe Googlebot will come around my blog again and put everything on the index, and back to normal, once again. This is just a temporary kick out of the SERPs for many of my pages for many search phrases.

Alek [PersonRank 10]

19 years ago #

Just imagine Phillip if this outage had occurred during the Nigritude Ultramarine SEO contest! ;-)

Glad you are back online – I wondered what the heck happened ...

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

19 years ago #

Thanks Hulkster and yes, I was kicked out of the Nigritude Ultramarine results completely during this power black-out.

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