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59 Bloggers vs Blogumentary  (View post)

Michael Meiser of [PersonRank 0]

Wednesday, June 8, 2005
19 years ago

I appreciate your summary. It was very good, but you do have one fact wrong. Your post seems to imply Nathan Peter's was one of the 59 bloggers to be interviewed for the documentary.

In fact David Weinberger was one of the 59 to be interviewed and asked to be removed from the list.

It was after this that Nathan Peter's sent his email to about 30 of the other 59.

In my opinion I don't think any of the vloggers were looking to stop this guys documentary from getting made. I do think his comments and his actions following those comments did that by them selves, wih bloggers doing narry more than reposting them. His words and his actions spoke for themselves.

At any point this guy could have apoligize for his hasty comments (we ALL make hasty comments on occasion) and in fact state that he did have a point about film names not being protected by copyright. I'm not so sure that would work after his last response at though.

I think the lesson here is the blogosphere demands mutual respect, it's a central value, and if this guy cannot understand that then he really doesn't get the blogosphere and therefore isn't qualified to be doing a documentary on it.

That said I'm disapointed that we can't all learn from this and put it behind us. I think it's a lesson worthy of addressing or in deed informing of his documentary. But the olive branch has been extended to him on many occassions and he has denied them all.

Michael Meiser

Chuck Olsen [PersonRank 0]

19 years ago #

I'm not sure what to say about this anymore.

I made every attempt to be polite and reasonable with a legitimate concern. At every turn, John Hart responded with insults, legal threats, and now an incredibly dramatic narrative of lies and more veiled threats.

Why can't people treat each other with respect?

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

19 years ago #

Thanks Michael, the post is corrected.

Michael Meiser [PersonRank 0]

19 years ago #

Thanks Philipp

Mutual respect, mutual respect, mutual respect, that's what it's all about.

"R – e – s – p – e – c – t , just a little bit" – Aretha :)

That's all anyone wants


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