The Grand Support Email Speed Contest

My question to Google was:

Subject: Cheapest Product?

Hello Google,

What is the cheapest product you sell?

Philipp Lenssen
Google Blogoscoped

Google ignores my question and sends this:

Hi Philipp,

Thank you for your note. We're always working hard to help you easily find
what you're looking for with Google. While we don't provide personalized
search assistance, we can offer plenty of tips to help you search more

First, choose your keywords wisely. Select descriptive, specific words.
For example, [ 2004 football statistics ] rather than [ football ] or [
Vancouver 2010 Olympics ] instead of [ Olympics ].

If you're looking for an exact match, try a phrase search. When you
enclose your search query in quotation marks, you'll only get results for
the exact terms you entered in the order you entered them. For example, [
"friendly robot" ] rather than [ friendly robot ].

For additional tips, please see or check out If you'd like a little
guidance, try searching from our Advanced Search page:

If you've exhausted our tips and you're still having trouble, you might be
interested in Google Answers. This program puts your question in the hands
of a professional web researcher for a fee that you set yourself. You can
learn more at

The Google Team