The Grand Support Email Speed Contest
I've contacted 10 companies' support email asking for an answer to a simple question. Below you can see how quick they are to answer.

January 16: Dell and Wal-Mart are first, each replied within minutes of the other – as I didn't send out emails at the exact same minute, this is a draw! A bonus prize will be awarded to the first company actually answering my question and not sending me somewhere else!

January 16 (later that day): IBM is in!

January 16 (later that day): Sony too. It's hard to tell for this one if it's an auto-responder or not, but the fact they're telling me "we can't answer that" hints this was indeed copy & pasted by a human. Now who will be the first to not refer me to someone else? One face to the customer!

January 16 (later that day): Think Geek replies with an actual answer and wins the bonus prize!

January 17: Google sent what seems to be a delayed automated email... there is no sign at all they read my question/ try to provide an answer even remotely related to it. This doesn't count per the contest rules, so Google's real reply is still missing.

January 18: Busted Tees just answered. Or actually, the Director of Apparel for Connected Ventures, the LLC that owns Busted Tees, answered. He came across the contest but their customer service team wasn't able to find my email. But he gets extra credit for actually answering my question regarding their cheapest product offer!

January 19: The Coca-Cola Company replied. A very nice and detailed answer.