The Grand Support Email Speed Contest

Did you send all emails at the exact time? No, I send the emails within the same hour on the same day. I went through the different sites looking for their support emails.

Did you always find the support email? No, far from it. Most sites have a feedback form. The hardest time I had at Apple (where the best I could find was a website feedback form) and Wal-Mart (where I had to go to the German feedback form, as the US form didn't work for me).

Do you only accept good answers? No, any human answer at all is accepted, whether it will name the cheapest product or not (this was just a test question). However, I will disregard automated "We received your email and will get back to you" emails.

What were the exact support emails you contacted? Here they are: Sony | Google | Apple | IBM | Coca Cola | Think Geek | Wal-Mart | Busted Tees | Dell | Amazon

What was the exact email?

Subject: Cheapest Product?

Hello [company name],

What is the cheapest product you sell?

Philipp Lenssen
Google Blogoscoped

Where's the discussion thread for this? It's in the Google Blogoscoped forum...

How long will the contest run? The companies have 15 days to answer; January 16 is the first day, and January 30 the last. All companies which do not answer until January 30 will be disqualified.