Sorrows of a Young Man

The sorrows of a young man in the city, being a palimpsest of Goethe's Werther.

Monday, August 11, 2003

People can be crazy

The old woman Jenn's watching is really getting worse. I'm really hoping the best for her, 'cause I'm hoping the best for Jennifer. She was telling about how the old husband of her is this greedy old guy, who really didn't do much but put his wife down for all her life. Lately, just after the doctor said it would be over soon, she made her man come around. She said, "I need to tell you one thing, it might cause confusion if I'm dead. You know how you restricted my money in the beginning, just a few dollars a week, and that's all.

You know, this worked out for a while. Then, it didn't. No complaints — what I needed, I took from the shop's cash box. And never wasted a buck. I would have died without telling... if not for the poor woman who will have to arrange running her life with the little money that you'd tell her was enough for your first wife."

I was talking about this with Jenn, how hard it's to believe people can be crazy like that. How the old man didn't realize it was just too little he gave, that no one could have made a living with that. But you know some people... they ride the bus, find five grand under the seat... Lady Fate's tipping them off big time, and they just take it, and take it for granted.

[People can be crazy]

When people around me talk of her

You should see me, I'm acting really freakish when people around me talk of her. When they ask me how I like her... god, I hate that word. How blind you got to be to just like Jennifer, to not be totally in awe of her, not be out of your mind and everything. How I like her! And recently, someone asked me how I like Kubrick.

[When people around me talk of her]


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