Sorrows of a Young Man

The sorrows of a young man in the city, being a palimpsest of Goethe's Werther.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

All I can think of

In the morning all I can think of is "I'm going to see her!" — get my stuff ready, drink a coffee, walk around, look at cars driving by, and I'm thinking... "I'm going to see her!" — and that's all I want for the day. Nothing else is important.

[All I can think of]

Glow in the dark

What's the world to us without love! Like a flashlight without batteries. As soon as you got the batteries, you can light up the dark room. And even if the room's really boring, we can still get excited by its colors and shapes. I couldn't meet her today, but I was lucky enough to meet a friend who met her... and you can't believe how happy I was to see him! (If it wouldn't have been too silly, I would have kissed him.)

You know, he's like glow in the dark plastic. The fact that she was looking at him, that she was close to him, made him so special to me. Would have paid a fortune to keep watching him, and was feeling so great. OK, stop laughing! Are we being fools when we're happy like that?

[Glow in the dark]


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