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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ist Google Gott? (German Audio)

I’m asking the question Is Google God? [German MP3].

If you don’t speak German, here’s an English alternative: Nicole Simon on Google, Blogs, and Podcasting [MP3] at Useful Sounds. has more audio feeds.

Google’s Unprecise Result Count

Jean noticed a bizarre behavior of Google’s boolean operators and explains it in French. (If you don’t understand French you may still understand what has happened by looking at the tables and the illustration.) Looks like the numbers don’t add up.

Nofollow Free

Michel has taken my nofollow-illustration and made a banner out of it to promote “Nofollow Free” zones in and around blogspace. I saved it as GIF:

[Nofollow Free]

I don’t know the details of the campaign (nor do I know whether or not we need it), as this is not in English. I welcome a translation of the main points.

Geocities Design in XHTML and CSS

Andy Baio calls Geocities 1996 “the best CSS Zen Garden theme ever.”

Googler Ski Trip

“If you’re searching for Google employees this week, they’ve hit the slopes in Lake Tahoe for an annual company romp in the snow.

Fresh powder, spa treatments and run of the Olympic-grade moguls of the Squaw Valley ski resort await Google’s 2,000-plus employees from the Bay Area, who will pack as many as five hotels in the region. The Resort at Squaw Creek, with 404 rooms, commands $294 a night and is busy preparing for the onslaught of Googlers." – CNET, Google rolls in the white stuff [Via InsideGoogle.]

Now might be a good time to read through some of the blogs of Google employees.

Google and

The Search Engine Watch Blog reports “Google is slowly switching from its long-standing use of definitions to definitions.”

AOL Search

AOL Search launches, and it’s enhanced by Google.

Google Survey

You can take a Google Survey if you have time (note this is nothing official and not by Google Inc).


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