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Sunday, October 9, 2005

MySpace User Found Dead

Taylor Behl, 17-year old student from Virginia, was apparently murdered. Both she and the man she was last seen with, 38-year old Benjamin Fawley – an amateur photographer who had earlier been reported as a “person of interest” and now remains in custody on unrelated charges – left digital traces on several places on the net.

Taylor’s MySpace page is still live showing the comments from the day she left until she was found. Over 600 comments have been posted to Taylor’s latest blog post.

Benjamin, who was involved in a romantic relationship with Taylor, had a blog which he closed because, as he says, he has “found most people are not worth careing about.” In Taylor’s blog he commented: “I can’t google you.”
Ben’s Geocities homepage, his “DeviantART” gallery, and his photos at have been removed by now, but you can still find Ben’s Geocities page in the Google Cache. Also, archived thumbnails of the photos Ben took of Taylor can be found by searching the DeviantART website. Another online gallery which is still available shows a slight obsession by Benjamin with skulls, which he photographed in several places. says the following latest post from Ben’s second blog, Line_Nowhere, could be found via a Google blog search but has since been deleted:

“C:= Taylor C:= 14 Sep 2005 by line_nowhere
I don’t feel I need a lawyer, but my friends feel that to talk to anyone more without one would be foolish on my part. The police have also asked me not to speak to the media on the subject so I will not. C:= C:= Skulz.”

In another comment, Ben thanks his friends for not talking to the press even though they disliked the “false reports in the media." Another LiveJournal blog post is cited by but seemingly disappeared as well by now:

” C:= I have gone away for a spell, I won’t be home for a while. C:=

C:= If ya have the cell # call if I gave ya the ok. All my AIM SN’s have been hyjacked along with others so do not try to contact me until I give the “all clear”. C:=

C:= those who know me know the truth, the rest of you can go screw off. C:= “

[Photos courtesy AP, Richmond Police.]


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