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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Google 2084

Randy Siegel in The New York Times speculates on what the Google homepage might look like in the far future (it allows you to search not only the web, but friends, family, ex-spouses, tax records, music, your future, and other people’s conversations).

China Opens Up, Allows Google Cache

Infoworld’s Sumner Lemon today reports China no longer blocks Blogspot blogs. What might be even bigger news is that it also now lets the Google Cache through. When I was in China some weeks ago, I often tried the Google Cache to see something that was otherwise blocked (like, for example, the homepage of InsideGoogle) – but that wouldn’t work and led me to just another blank page. China now allowing the Google Cache – in case Infoworld indeed saw more than a temporary glitch – practically means users are enabled to see any page Google indexed, so this is a big step in opening up the internet. Actually, Sumner Lemon reports not China, but Google was the cause of the blocked Google Cache (I’ll believe that when I hear back from Google on this issue):

“The opening of access to the cached Web sites on Google, which had previously been blocked by the company itself rather than government censors, appears to be a slightly different situation. In this case, the cache function may have been disabled by Google and was not blocked by the Chinese government, according to an observer familiar with the situation.”

[Via Gary Price.]

Update: According to Google, they never blocked the Google Cache in any country.

$20,000 For a Link (Per Day)

Putting your sponsored link on the homepage will cost you $20,000 per day (also available are $100,000 per week, or $250,000 per month). While according to AdBrite the Wordpress front-page only gets 16,000 page views per day from over 10,000 visitors, it has a PageRank of 9. I’m not sure if anybody paid these prices yet. [Via Kottke.]

OS X Site

OK, this site manages to look just like Mac OS X (and I think it’s all DHTML, too).

Google Phoenix

Google announced their plans to open up a new engineering office in the Phoenix area. (I should add a “Google World Domination Completion” bar somewhere, probably in PageRank-green...)


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