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Friday, October 21, 2005

[Adv] "Searching for ..." T-Shirts

I’m filing this under “advertisement” not because it’s unrelated (it’s not), but because it’s my shop. The Blogoscoped clothes shop* has a new addition tonight; “Searching for ...” t-shirts. What you’ll see on them is a search box with different queries... looking for love, looking for a soulmate, looking for a job, and so on. Hope you like them.

Here’s an overview of the other sections available so far:

*I’m using for my shop. Their basic idea; you get to upload every design you want, and they get a commission for every sale. So if a shirt would cost $10, you can add a few bucks and sell it for $14. Overall I’m happy with their service and creating merchandise is a lot of fun, but I wish they’d have black shirts, too. (Also, their support doesn’t reply on emails within 24 hours.) My shop variant costs a fee so I have unlimited items and my own design, but you can start with a free basic shop, too.


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