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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Google Logos, the Movie

Zep made a nice movie with all the different Google logos!

Earliest Mention of "Google"

What’s one of the earliest mentions of Google? It might be this book from 1859...

Yahoo RSS Ads

Alek alerted me to Yahoo’s new RSS ads. (According to Yahoo, they’re context-relevant.)


With CustomizeGoogle, a social bookmarking style “Save” link will appear below search result snippets. This way, you can share your findings with others.

Google Fish

Google is giving away fish at the WebmasterWorld conference in LA, as Luc Van Braekel shows.

Lack of Google Results Quality?

Adam Saunders emphasizes the need to evaluate different new and old approaches (Wikis, open directories, human search evaluation) to improve search engine result quality. Indeed, when I want to know something about a person, concept, technology or similar I find myself entering “something Wikipedia” into Google more and more often. This will directly put the Wikipedia page on top of the results; no spam, no commercial results, but just the facts.

Doodle 4 Google

When pupils from UK schools get together to draw their interpretation of the Google logo, this is what comes out of it. [Via Gary Price.]


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