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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Transformer Robot (Video)

Layered-X is a robot that can transform itself. Arms turn to legs, a spider turns to a humanoid... [Via Siggi.]

Google Voice Interface Patent

Google’s World reports that Google has been granted a patent they filed years ago... for a voice interface to a search engine.

Tactile 3D, a File Browser

This 3D desktop tool looks nice, but unfortunately didn’t work here (on my WinXP, it just freezes after start-up). [Via Information Aesthetics.]

Gmail = Art?

Is Gmail a work of modern art? [Thanks Pd.]

Hack Google Analytics?

Strange. According to this report by Terill, you can skew someone else’s Google Analytics stats by simply adding their tracker code to your pages (the tracker code is always visible in someone’s HTML code). Apparently, Google doesn’t restrict tracking to the domains provided in the Analytics settings. If that’s the case then you can ruin your competitor’s statistics (if you’re evil, that is). [Via Digg.]

Digg Personalized Homepage Module

There’s now an official Digg module for the Google Personalized Homepage. You can switch the settings so that the module will show only your friend’s diggs. Otherwise, you’ll get the top front-page stories. Links shown in the module will not lead to the actual story, but to the individual Digg item promoting the story. [Thanks Pd.]

Fallen Google

Oldie but goodie: fallen Google is just what it sounds like (this is one of the rare parodies which survived since I blogged about them in 2003).

Google Fire...

Andy Beal writes:

“Google has hired Mr. Nee Anderthal a student out of Bedrock College who has spent the last 6 months developing a very hot, and amazingly colored, element that we think will revolutionize the way we do business. As an analyst for Flint & Stone said, ’we think Google Fire will change the way the world collects, organizes and cooks food’.”

[Via InsideGoogle.]

Lower Your AdSense Revenue

ProBlogger Darren Rowse has some interesting tips on how to avoid making money with Google AdSense. The list includes the following anti-tips:

[Via InsideGoogle.]

Nelson Minar Leaves Google

Nelson Minar, who worked on the Google AdWords and search APIs, leaves Google. He’s ready “to do something new with a smaller group of people,” as he says. [Thanks Google’s World.]

Google Launch Page

Simply Google collects dozens of Google services all on one page.

Also see Multi Search for the personalized Google homepage.

Greasemonkey Add-on for Google Maps

A Greasemonkey script by Chris McKeever updates Google Maps in such a way that the left-hand results will automatically update when the map is recentered (a Flash demo illustrates what’s happening).


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