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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Possible Future Expansion of Google Video

It can be only a matter of time before Google indexes web videos on Google Video (and not just user-uploaded content, as they do now). Yahoo already has it, and it’s fitting with Google’s mission more than other products. According to VNUnet, Director of Google Video Jennifer Feikin said, “We started it in that way to help people who have no means to have their content online to bring it online. We are now at a point where we’d love to link to other people’s sites.”

Unlike other companies, for Google it’s rare to announce stuff far in advance... usually they just go live with it, and then add a blog post later on. [Via Digg.]

Mobile Adult Searching

According to eWeek, a Google study to be presented at the Human-Computer Interaction 2006 conference in Montreal says 20% of all cell phone searches are for porn. Whoopee... [Via Search Engine Watch.]

Net Neutrality (Video)

A YouTube video explains what net neutrality means... and what it could mean for access to Google. [Thanks Pd.]

Birthday Paradox House

The Birthday Paradox describes how people intuitively believe it’s very unlikely that someone else at a party shares their birthday... but the chances are actually rather high (if 23 people are in a room, chances are above average there’s someone with your birthday two people with the same birthday). The Birthday Paradox House lets you experience this yourself. You join the room by entering your name and birthday, and then you can find out if someone else matches it. I’ve been to a room of 8 but no one with my birthdate was inside... [Thanks Felipe.]


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