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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

To Explain the Beyond Petroleum Logo...

After reading through some of the forum comments I realized my new temporary left-side logo might be misunderstood, especially if you don’t know the “Beyond Petroleum” campaign. This campaign is constantly showing on German TV and in German magazines, I was hoping it’s international but I don’t know. Basically, BP (British Petroleum) is a money-heavy company rebranding itself as public interest environmentalists, when in reality they are/ were anything but... see this article describing their human rights and pollution “issues,” and this one describing their ad campaign (update: handle the last link with care, Kevin Fox warns in the comments). With the misplaced logo I just wanted to have a little fun joining the ridiculousness of their campaign.

Google Sitemaps Alerts

Joining the Google Sitemaps program might have another bonus for webmasters soon... there will be a penalty alert for some sites. (Google Sitemaps are a tool for you to tell Google about your site’s pages for better indexing.)

Mario Live (Video)

Watch the Mario Bros. video game live on stage. [Via Digg.]

How Lutz Discovered Google (Audio)

Lutz from Germany answers how he first got to know about Google [MP3]. The story might sound familiar to some of you.

Earth Ads

Hmm... seems to be dedicated to allow you to advertise on earth (and Google Earth). [Thanks Angelo Embuldeniya.]

Update: This has been officially debunked by Chris in the comments... look at their “PayMePal” page.

[Meta] Top Forum Members

There’s a new top forum members lists here. [Thanks Wouter Schut!]

Google Job Interview

What are job interviews at Google like? Here’s a documented case...

Googlers in Wikipedia

Following is a list of Wikipedia entries on Google employees. Can you find more?

Stop the RIAA! Petition

If you’re from the US, you can sign a petition to help against the RIAA (the Recording Industry Association of America), which likes to copyright-sue the hell out of people... even kids. The EFF is at 85,000 signatures so far, and they say: “If we can get 100,000 signatures, we will deliver the petition to the Senate and House Commerce and Judiciary Commitees.” (Yesterday, the site was dugg and its database broke down, but it looks like it’s ready to accept more signatures now.)

Also see: Who Owns Culture, a presentation by Lawrence Lessig.


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