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Friday, June 2, 2006

Google Experiment Collapses "More" Links

Others have seen this Google homepage design experiment before, and now TomHTML of Zorgloob spotted a Flickr screenshot; you can see a link reading “More you can do with Google” below the search box. When you click it, links like “Images”, “Groups” and so on appear right on the page. Apparently, on other pages like Image Search, the links are then integrated on top of the search box, at least if these screenshots are right. (It should be noted that screenshots can be photoshopped, so we won’t know for sure unless we see it ourselves.)

It’s an interesting prototype especially as it would be yet another step to clean up the Google homepage, and it would also allow for more links to be integrated... I’d like to get the cookie to give this a test-ride!

Update: Prasanna Narayanan sends along these screenshots – the “more” links are removed from the top of the Google box on the SERPs, but appear below the results:


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