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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chinese Activist Attacked

The Chinese farmer and environmental activist Fu Xiancai was interviewed by German TV station ARD, and in the interview complained about China’s controversial Three Gorges Dam*. Fu Xiancai gave the interview even though he was attacked after previous interviews of this sort, and his son had received death threats. After the interview with the ARD, Fu Xiancai was ordered to the police, ARD’s Tagesschau and Human Rights Watch reports. On his way home, Fu Xiancai was attacked by an unknown person. He is now in hospital and paralyzed.

“Sources say authorities have been trying to prevent news of Fu’s assault and injuries from getting out,” reports.

*Search for the Chinese name of the Dam and you’ll find Google agreed to partly censor the results in China – the same is true searching for “Fu Xiancai”. Apparently, the Chinese government is afraid of criticism and tries to influence whoever it can in their censorship efforts. Based on government requests, sites like who now report on Fu Xiancai have been completely removed by Google China.


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