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Friday, December 15, 2006

About AdSense Showing Google Logo

Lots of you are annoyed/ surprised/ happy/ curious about Google’s rebranded ads, and as questions on this keep coming, I think a little wrap-up is in order. Since several days, Google is playing around with showing a graphical, logo-style variant of the word “Google” on AdSense advertisements – see these screenshots:

Search Engine Roundtable received the following comment from Google on this on Tuesday:

Such variations are a normal part of our testing process and generally run for short periods of time only. No permanent changes are planned at this time.

To maintain the integrity of ongoing testing, we do not permit publishers to opt out. However, please rest assured that such variations should impact only a very small percentage of your impressions.

Join the ongoing comments.

[Images by & hat tip to Norbert U., One Dollar A Day, Brian Chow, Elias Kai, David Hetfield, Allard P., Ionut!]


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