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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Zerge’s Full-Length Google Videos

One of the many full-length movies posted to Google Video – with varying degrees of quality – is Akira. This anime classic was uploaded in late January this year, and accumulated a walloping 63,979 views so far. I asked a couple of questions to the uploader, who identifies himself as Lt. Zerge in the video’s description. Zerge tells me he’s 16 years old, from Kelowna, Canada. Here are his answers, slightly edited for clarity:

I am a student but work at a gamesroom store unofficially (under the table pay), do a lot of volunteer type work and help too. I rip movies when I feel they are good enough to be shared with the public or deserve a public viewing. I don’t get money for ripping movies, and I don’t really care whether I’m paid or not. I upload movies purely for the reason that I think people will like to watch them, it’s a nice feeling being able to supply things to the people when they want it. Especially anime, now that it is being slowly eradicated from video hosters like Gvideo and Youtube, will be in demand and will have me grabbing movies from my “vault" for fans to watch.

Asking Zerge whether he believes Google monitors their site for copyright infringements (and if he’s ever been banned for his activities), he says:

Yes they do, but they are very screwed up in their filtering style, IMO. They will have one thing be deleted in the uploading stage (processing stage as well) which makes sense, yet other times they will have a video going for months, often with a good popularity that people will watch and then one day it’s just.... gone, which irritates a lot of people cause they can’t show their friends a video they just watched. And yes, I have been contacted on movies such as Monty Python and The Holy Grail (a good example for bad deleting time, seeing as it was very popular) but never been banned or suspended cause I’m not dumb enough to toy with Google.


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