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Friday, October 5, 2007

Test If Site Is Blocked in China?

WebSitePulse is supposed to test for you if a website is blocked in China. Enter any URL on top, select a location (if you want to test mainland China, pick e.g. Beijing), and provide a verification code. After some seconds you’ll get either an OK or a couldn’t connect to host message. For instance, is supposedly OK whereas is blocked. Note that sometimes what may be blocked in one region in China mainland may not be blocked in another region in the country. I can’t verfiy if this tool returns correct results, but if anyone from within China knows more, please leave a comment.

According to this tool, (Google-owned) Feedburner feeds seem to be currently blocked in general in China. This blog’s non-Feedburner RSS on the other hand seems to get through fine.

[Thanks James Xuan, who saw it at TechCrunch!]


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