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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Yahoo’s New Strategy

Yahoo’s old founder and new boss, Jerry Yang, outlined where the company is heading now in a blog post yesterday. The three key items he sees after talking things through with people in the company are:

In other recent Yahoo news, AP reports that the US Congress accuses a Yahoo executive to have been lying in the 2004 case of jailed Chinese journalist Shi Tao. According to the report, Yahoo last year said they were not involved in that case, but documents released earlier this year by the San Francisco-based Dui Hua Foundation say that Yahoo indeed received communication on the case from Beijing prior to Shi Tao’s jailing. Human Rights Watch (on a side-note, a website Google agreed to censor in China) previously wrote:

In its case against Shi Tao, the prosecution charged that he improperly took notes on [a party memorandum titled “A Notice Regarding Current Stabilizing Work"] as it was being discussed at an editorial meeting at the newspaper and then hours later sent an outline of its contents by email to be published in an overseas web forum under a pseudonym. Evidence presented during the trial included account verification information provided by Yahoo! Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd., which linked the IP address used to send the email from Shi Tao’s personal Yahoo! email account to a computer located in the Contemporary Business News office.

According to HRW, the “press-only” memorandum that Shi Tao leaked to overseas “warned of activities by democracy activists around the fifteenth anniversary of the crackdown on the June 4 demonstrations, as well as the perennial threats posed by Falun Gong, the increasing number of mass incidents, and danger of harmful content on the Internet.”

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