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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gmail Supporting Shift Key

Not sure since when Gmail is supporting the Shift key in certain situations, but I find it very useful. The following two examples work in the normal version of Gmail – not the basic HTML one, but the one with all features:

Note that you do not need to have Gmail shortcuts enabled for this to work.

*While this is a default browser feature for normal links, Shift-clicking message subjects didn’t properly work in Gmail before due to JavaScripted accessibility issues.

Update: Jason Adams in the comments says Shift-clicking was around since the early days of Gmail. Perhaps what I always tried before wasn’t shift-clicking but right-clicking the link to open in a new window using the context menu (which still doesn’t work here). [Thanks Jason!]

Update 2: Ex-Gmail designer Kevin Fox comments, “The shift-select feature for selecting ranges of checkboxes has been around since before Gmail launched publicly. The shift-to-open-in-new-window feature was added a couple years ago.” [Thanks Kevin!]


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