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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Font Dating Game

The TypeMatching Flash app lets you drag two fonts from the left side into the stage area... to see how well the two types mix when dating (fonts available are Mistral, Papyrus, Comic Sans, Helvetica, Stencil, and American Typewriter). It's all in preparation for upcoming Valentine's Day on Thursday, February 14th, and an ad campaign for the Extensis font managing service*.

The video quality is kinda on the low end and the site could be more original but you gotta give credit to the creators for having come up with lots of video short clips. I tried the clash of philosophies by dating Comic Sans with Helvetica. Comic Sans guy: "Did you see Lord of the Rings?" Helvetica gal: "Is that the guy who does the river dance?"

Here's a quick riddle: how many videos were shot for the site? There are 6 fonts which can be mixed and mashed, but just to opposite fonts (so AB is possible but not BB); also, position doesn't matter (so AB is the same as BA).

[Thanks Jim Kidwell!]

*They say "if you're a serious font user who has hundreds or thousands of fonts and/or you work with multiple documents with varying fonts daily, then you need a professional font manager."


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