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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Google News Archive Hiccup

Google’s news archive search engine has a timeline option, mapping events and names. The usefulness of this feature greatly varies, as quite often it’s broken. A search for “techcrunch”, for instance, reveals the earliest occurrence to be 125 AD. According to Wikipedia, this was the year of the construction of the Pantheon, the last year of the Yanguang era of the Chinese Han Dynasty, and the time when Pope Telesphorus succeeded Pope Sixtus I as the eighth pope... and apparently, it was the age of TechCrunch, though a closer look at the result shows it’s just a Google parsing error: the page Google analyzed talks about a “125×125 ad, used by ’big blogs’ like ProBlogger, TechCrunch, and ReadWriteWeb”.

[Hat tip to Dave Shaw and Jorn Barger!]


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