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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Great Google Doodle Triforce Conspiracy
By Michel "WebSonic" Wester

In many well-known programs there are hidden features or messages called easter eggs, being put there by the developers for you to find. Like in some applications from Google: Docs (Cliply), Picasa (bears) and Reader (ninja and the end of internet). But it seems that these ’eggs’ are not only featured in the applications from Google but also in the special Google Doodles. Several Doodles appear to have a symbol in it which looks very much like a Triforce – this could be an easter egg or an artist’s signature, and a hidden reference to the Nintendo Classic Zelda game, where the Triforce appeared. Wikipedia explains: “The Triforce is a triangular relic which features throughout the series as a nearly-omnipotent sacred item representing the essences of the Golden Goddesses. It is made up of three smaller triangles known as the Triforce of Wisdom, Triforce of Power and Triforce of Courage.”

The most recent Doodle to feature a Triforce was the Nikola Tesla logo which was placed on 9th July. You can see the little icon next to the Tesla coil.


Nikola Tesla, July 9th 10th 2009


Earth Day 2009


Christiaan Huygens, 2009


Thanksgiving 2008


Halloween 2008
Here, the triforce might have been added later on, or removed... in another version it was not to be seen.


France October 4th, 2008


Olympic Summer Games 2008


Earth Day 2008


Can you find more Google logo doodles with the triforce in them?

[When Michel is not hanging out at Blogoscoped, he’s writing the Dutch blog]

Update: Now Google removed the triforce from logos.


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