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Friday, January 8, 2010

Image Promo on Google’s Homepage

Google’s currently promoting their Nexus One on the frontpage, at least in the US. I’m still only seeing this after the fade-in, but when it does appear, it shows a graphical illustration, a rare sight (is it a first for a promo?) on Google’s homepage. Mbegin in the forum also reported he saw a Nexus ad before the fade-in earlier on (now, it shows afterwards for him too). Still some way to go until they’re at the clutter level of this mock-up.

Google’s homepage is not the only place where the Google phone is advertised. DPic in the forum writes, “I have never seen the internet covered with so much of the same advertisement. Holy shit they mean serious business.” Google’s Chrome browser is also getting some immense advertising, often trying to push the alleged key selling point of Chrome being fast (I hope most people realize it’s often still the download speed, not necessarily the JS engine, which bottlenecks their surfing).

As for Google’s fade-in, not everyone’s happy with it. Mbegin writes, “My mother-in-law was actually waiting for Google to finish loading the other day so that she could click ’Gmail’ at the top... I had to explain to her that she needs to move the mouse now before she’ll see those navigational links....”

[Thanks MBegin and DPic!]


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