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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weirdchina With Thousands of Followers on Buzz

At Gmail Buzz I’ve been subscribing to Robert “Weirdchina” Kong Hai and noticed that some of his buzz posts received tons of comments. I’ve asked Robert about this, and here’s his reply:

Your right, my posts do get a lot of attention, I’m having a fun time on buzz! I think the social media community is very surprised that my 19 posts have received almost 3000 comments and 1500 likes. This might even be the most on Buzz. I also have more then 13,000 followers right behind Mashable, so I could be the 2nd most followed person on Buzz at the moment.

I’m in a unique situation, I have built up a world community based around the Chinese netizens. For a long time I have been sort of a bridge between the Chinese social media users and the rest of the world. I often speak about this. When people talk about social media, they never include the Chinese in the discussion, although there are 384 million China internet users, (more then the population of the USA) and by 2015 that number grows to 500 million, so instead of ignoring them I embrace them and give them a much needed voice. So this has attracted a lot of attention, sort of a viral type of thing. I expect these numbers to grow much higher on Buzz as this is just the beginning of something very special that is happening.

....and It also helps that I have 180,000 followers on twitter as @weirdchina & @weirdchina2


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