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Thursday, May 1, 2003

Spam Attack with Google

Judge for yourself: is there reason to be afraid of a spam attack with Google?

“If you type the following search string into Google – “request catalogue name address city state zip” – you’ll get links to over thousands of Web forms where you can type in your information and receive a catalogue in the mail.

It’d be a tedious business to fill out many forms.

But anyone with a modest amount of programming skills, and a target’s snail mail address, can automate the attack and deluge their victims with junk mail.”
– John Leyden (The Register, How to automate a DoS attack using the Post Office, 14/04/2003)

Google Tips, Zeitgeist, Press

Jill Whalen of talks about the Ten Tips to the Top of Google.

And here are the recent Top 10 Gaining Queries according to the Google Zeitgeist:

  1. dixie chicks
  2. sars
  3. nfl draft
  4. santorum
  5. david beckham
  6. nba
  7. lyric benson
  8. x-men 2
  9. hamburg marathon
  10. prom hairstyles

Find out about the GeoDisplay in Inside the Soul of the Web (24 hours watching the world look for answers at Google):

“Mankind’s questions unscroll day and night on a computer screen in an office hallway in Mountain View, California.”
– Michael S. Malone (Wired Issue 11.05, May 2003)

More news at the official Google Press Center, the Google Press Mentions, and always up-to-date, the Google News for Google.


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