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Monday, May 5, 2003

Search Engine Dictionary

This Search Engine Dictionary comes in very handy.

Googlebot and FAQs

Building a FAQ for your site is always a good idea. What’s interesting, it can also increase traffic, because it will catch phrases people enter, like “How do I ...” or “How to ...”:

“In just two weeks we have built up referrals from Google from 10 a day through to 2,000 a day. The simple trick – we wrote a FAQ with 35 questions and answers. Basically we worked through the entire site and asked questions and gave answers and in those answers linked to the part of the site that supported the answer.”
– Microdoc (Google Forum)

How much money Google’s making

In recent news, people are wondering how much money Google’s making.

“The company is also a rare reminder that there is financial promise in the Internet. Google, with 800 employees and growing fast, won’t disclose its finances. But speculation within the industry is that Google will ring up $400 million to $700 million in sales this year, most of it from using technology to target relevant ads to Web users. The company says it has been making money since December 2000. (...)

Google’s biggest money-maker is advertising. It gets paid to place small text ads above and next to non-commercial search results on its own site and the sites of partners such as America Online and Google says its 100,000 advertisers make it the world’s largest Web-ad network.”
– Mary Anne Ostrom and Matt Marshall (Inside Google - Mercury News, May 4, 2003)


“Big-name merchandisers and e-commerce sites, including J.C. Penney and eBay, are placing paid listings on Google and other search engines.

Revenues from such advertising are expected to reach at least $2 billion in 2003, and are growing at 40 percent a year. Underscoring the potential, Web users are looking to buy something about 20 percent of the time they type a search-engine query, researchers say. “
– Mary Anne Ostrom and Matt Marshall (Online advertisers find what they need at Google - Mercury News, May 4, 2003)

(Image by Google Press Center)


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