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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Google Answers Researcher Interview: Tisme-ga

The latest Google Answers Researcher Interview... Tisme-ga!


What’s your first name?
[removed upon request in 2008-09-22]

Where are you from?
Manitoba, Canada

What’s your profession?
[arts degree – further information removed upon request.]

What’s your age?

Tisme-ga on Google Answers

When did you become a Researcher?
November 2002.

How did you find out about Google Answers?
Saw the link on the Google homepage in approx. October?

What do you like best about answering for Google Answers?
Getting a good rating and confirmation that my answer helped someone somewhere in the world do what they do.

Would you consider taking this up as full-time job, provided the question volume would be high enough (or is it already full-time for you)?
Hmmm... perhaps I would, but my real dream is to be a Junior High teacher. I am good at time management though so I still manage to put in quite a few hours per week even though I am not full time.

What kind of question subject you usually like to answer?
I really do not have a favorite type... I like researching anything interesting!

In one sentence, what’s the trick to a good answer?
To be concise, but comprehensive.

Which Researcher would you take as guide on a dangerous island?
Leli! I will forever be her owlett.

Tisme-ga’s Favorites

What are your favorite research tools and websites (please include browser and text editor you are using)?
Favorite tool and website:
I use a combination of IE/Netscape/Mozilla to do my research, just depends on what mood I am in.

What are your favorite websites and newsgroups?
Favorite websites:

On most days I check all of the above!

Favorite newsgroups are all private ones, Microsoft Beta Newsgroups and local newsgroups in my area.

I will just suppose Google is your favorite search engine (right?). Do you remember which one you were using before, and why you decided to switch to Google?
I remember using AOL for my first few months on the Internet (I can’t believe I just admitted that!)
I then used a combination of Lycos and Yahoo and Google and finally just started using Google all the time!

What are some of your favorite questions & answers by others?
There are so many, I really couldn’t pick... most answers are awesome and I love reading through others work. One can always learn new search strategies and information by checking out the “friendly competition”!

What are some of the questions that were really a lot of fun answering for you?
Most of my questions are fun to answer, otherwise I would not be answering them! Here are some examples:

What would be a fun $200 question for you to answer?
A good $200 question for me would be: “List 50 questions $10 questions that you would like to answer”.

Tisme-ga’s Spare-time

Got any weird hobbies?
I read, I play MMORPG (although I am not at the moment). Another of my hobbies is using the summer to take some extra university courses just to get an understanding of other disciplines... this summer I am taking Biology, Music and Theory of Numbers.

What was the last book you read, the last movie you saw, and the last album you listened to?
Last book I read (reread) was “Life of Pi”... it is a really awesome book by a Canadian author. Last movie I saw was Stephen Hawkings Universe, although if documentaries do not count, it was X-Men II in a theatre. The last album I listened to was Paul Janz - Presence (I love song #1 and #13 on that album). I have also been listening to a lot of Loreena McKennitt lately (celtic music).

Final words by Tisme-ga

If you’d write a book about your life, what would be the first sentence?
I would not write a book about my life. My dream is to become a teacher to influence and inspire my students... who will hopefully go on to do grand things.


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