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Sunday, May 11, 2003

Computer Acronyms Most People Wouldn’t Need If They Could Remember Them

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“AFAIK”, “FYI”, and “IIRC” are catchy abbreviations in everyday, modern communication. Useful for email, blog, SMS, instant message, chat room and newsgroup. The lazy techno-literate’s hip-looking time-saver.
However some people know more acronyms than others, taking it to the extreme (and beyond). If you feel comfortably categorized with “overachieving ubernerd” (as opposed to, say, a “PEBCAK Geek”), read on and memorize Acronyms Most People Wouldn’t Need If They Could Remember Them:

Google Thinks About Blogs

Google thinks there will be dynamic clusters of weblog communities, representing very distinct viewpoints of self-published thought. This cacophony will not espouse one Political agenda, one religion, or one culture. And Google will sift through thousands of these communities to create a “more like this” answer to aquery.”
– Bernie Goldbach, Learning from Google’s Two-way Web - 10/05/03

Googling Guests

“At the posh Hotel Bel Air, in Los Angeles, manager Lisa Hagen makes a point of Googling all guests before arrival, searching out better ways to spoil them. “If we find out they like to jog early in the day, we make sure they get a room with morning sun,” she says. In Boston, Mark Kini manages a small limousine service that spends 80% of its ad budget on Google and other search sites. Says he: “It’s how we survive the recession.” In Westport, Conn. consultant Elena Amboyan’s kids use Google daily; even when they research something at the library, they say they’re Googling it.

It is all much more than Brin and Page ever had in mind when they started. “Sure, I’m surprised by the success,” says Brin, unassuming, rumpled and wiry, his sneakers scuffing the upholstery of a conference-room chair. Users love Google, he says, because they find things there when they are desperate to know an answer. Keep offering better results and you hold their loyalty forever--and sell them stuff. Page adds that Google has become “like a person to them, helping them and giving them intelligence any hour of the day.""
– Quentin Hardy, All Eyes on Google ( Cover story, 05.26.03)


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