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Monday, May 26, 2003

“Executives at Palo Alto-based Google smile indulgently when asked about googlewhacking. They don’t play it much themselves anymore, the game being so 15 months ago and all, but spokesman David Krane said the company still finds the phenomenon flattering. (...)

There’s an art to googlewhacking, of course. Preferred words are unusual but not to the point of incomprehensibility. Veteran googlewhackers will often use one word as a fulcrum, playing with it until that sought-after single Web site pops up. In a practice known as “hopscotching,’’ they will use one of another player’s words in a new whack as a tribute.”
– Barbara Feder Ostrov: Google gamers’ word pairings a creative addiction (Mercury News), May 26, 2003

PageRank Dead?

Expert Search Engine Optimizers and others interested in what’s happening with Google are concerned and confused because of drastic ranking changes.

“Google has a really hard problem to solve. It’s not unlike the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. PageRank stopped working really well when people began to understand how PageRank worked. The act of Google trying to “understand” the web caused the web itself to change. Blogs are only a recent example of that. Oddly, unlike many of the previous problems with Google (see also: search engine optimization companies; link spammers; google bombing), blogs were not designed to outsmart Google. They just happen to use the web and hyperlinks the way we should have been using them all along. Now they’re being penalized for that, it seems.”
Jeremy Zawodny’s blog: PageRank is Dead, May 24 2003 says it with Google art

Egobot found his way into the Google Art gallery, side-by-side with: is a software art repository, launched in January 2003. It is an open, moderated database to which people are welcome to submit projects they consider to be interesting examples of software art.”


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