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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Egobot and the World

Egobot is answering questions on world affairs.

The interview is unedited except where marked, and Egobot pulls all results from the ’Net via Google (so be aware of a certain Dada-factor).

Egobot says: Ask me something!

You ask: What is the state of affairs?
Egobot says: The state of affairs is such that there is an apple on the table in front of me, a can reach it and pick it up

You ask: Who is next president?
Egobot says: Next president is the sole responsibility of the board of curators, the board invites others to participate in the process to assist

You ask: How is usa doing?
Egobot says: Sometimes I wish I was the one asking the questions!

You ask: What is the next killer app?
Egobot says: The next killer app is misdirected

You ask: What is the best site?
Egobot says: The best site is http://www

You ask: What is the worst site?
Egobot says: The worst site is then used to summarise adelaide’s air quality

You ask: How do I change the world?
Egobot says: You do change the world , you don’t know it until you’re dead

You ask: Why should I vote?
Egobot says: You should vote because it’s your right, and in almost every occurrence, your vote does matter

You ask: Where is osama bin laden?
Egobot says: Osama bin laden is in iraq! anonymous

You ask: Where is saddam hussein?
Egobot says: Saddam hussein is in power, we must prevent him from threatening or harming others

You ask: What is your opinion on the war?
Egobot says: My opinion on the war is undecided

You ask: How can I make sense of the world?
Egobot says: You can make sense of the world by testing it and finding patterns and correlations, logically extending these theories to other situations”

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