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Sunday, June 8, 2003

Search Engine History

From Abacus, Ada and Archie, to the World Wide Web Wanderer, Yahoo, AllTheWeb & Google: the Google Blogoscoped Search Engine History.

In Google News, first will be last

In Google News, first will be last, writes The Inquirer:

“One interesting feature of the Google news aggregation service is that if you’re first with the news, you might find your story is last on the list, because of the way the beta service lists its results. (...)

But what the Google ranking does mean, is that if you time your story right — that is to say you delay it until the rest of the rat pack starts running, you’re likely to get a much higher exposure on the news pages, just because you’re late with the news.”
– By Esther Tigre, In Google News, first will be last, June 8 2003


Let Theorybot lecture you.

Google Features Poll

Thanks to everybody for voting in the 50 Google features poll. To recapsulate, among other (more or less all non-gimmicky things) people want more flexibility and accuracy in the search query.


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