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Sunday, June 15, 2003

Google Result Highlighting

You can highlight keywords used on Google result pages:

On the result page of Google, upon entering ’Google Answers’, all title-links have a yellow background where the keywords appear.

The concept is that of user-stylesheets.This works in many browsers, like Netscape 6/ Mozilla, Opera, or Internet Explorer.
I will explain the necessary steps for Internet Explorer 5:

  1. Create a new text-file somewhere, and open it with Notepad or another text-editor.

  2. Copy the following and paste it into the file:
    p.g a b
        background-color: yellow;

  3. Save the file and rename it to “user.css” (or anything “*.css”).

  4. Open Internet Explorer and go the accessibility options.

  5. In the box where you can select to override fonts, give the path to your “user.css”.

  6. Now you can close the dialogs with “OK” and start the Google search.

Google News Reports Google Problems Rumours

Google News is objective to the point it started to integrate rumours of Google’s downfall (the unconfirmed and hypothetical indexing limit “Google Y2K+3 Bug”).


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