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Monday, June 16, 2003

Top Ten Signs You Are Addicted to Google

Top Ten Signs You Are Addicted to Google

10. Your kids still believe the Googlebot is bringing the Christmas presents.

9. Your reply to “How are you” is “I’m feeling lucky”, combined with a clicking gesture.

8. You shout at the librarian when she takes more than 0.1 seconds to find your book.

7. You just lost a case in court to name your newborn son “Google”.

6. You think of Google as your second-best friend, but lately consider it to get into first position.

5. Your Google shirt is losing color.

4. When people talk to you, you try to optimize their keywords.

3. Your last three Sunday family trips have been to the Googleplex.

2. You are convinced “What’s your PageRank?” is a good pick-up line.

And the number one sign you are addicted to Google:

1. You are completely clueless without a computer.


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