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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Google AdSense for Small Sites

Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineWatch reports that Google Expands Contextual Ad Placement Program To Small Sites (June 18, 2003): “The new Google AdSense program allows site owners to sign-up for the program in a self-serve manner, similar to becoming an Amazon affiliate.”

At the moment, I couldn’t access the Google AdSense site.


Two decades ago, there was no Google. In fact, there was no World Wide Web. There was no Internet — technically, yes, but not in the cultural sub-conscious. What would people have been looking for online? Here’s a hypothetical Google Zeitgeist for the ’80s with all the top queries:

1. solving rubik’s cube
2. john hughes
3. ghostbusters
4. duran duran homepage
5. who shot jr
6. challenger
7. beating pac man
8. collecting smurfs
9. collecting swatch
10. max headroom

The Google Centuryshare for “Who Shot JR” peaks in at 1980.

The Centuryshare calculator is now usable without your own API key.

While we’re at it, the ’70s:

1. disco dance
2. columbo quotes
3. abba
4. tubular bells mp3
5. buy glitter ball
6. mad magazine
7. john travolta
8. nixon
9. dark side of the moon
10. david bowie

... ’60s ...

1. beatles
2. rolling stones
3. morrison
4. woodstock map
5. vietnam
6. kennedy
7. elvis
8. fugitive showtimes
9. lsd
10. armstrong quote

... and the 1950s:

1. hula hoop
2. communism
3. norman rockwell gallery
4. how 3-d movies work
5. poodles
6. telephone cramming pictures
7. hair style instructions
8. saddle shoes
9. understanding teenagers
10. i love lucy

Let’s skip some centuries. Here’s the Google Zeitgeist for 1320:

1. escaping inquisition
2. escaping plague
3. are dragons real
4. philip v
5. castle defense tips
6. court jester jokes
7. how to fight dragons
8. inquisition career
9. witchcraft tutorial
10. how to become a knight

Note: there’s a reason it’s called the Dark Ages.


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