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Saturday, July 26, 2003

Celebrities in Googleplex

“The Academy Award-winning actress has been one in a succession of celebrity visitors in the past several months to the Mountain View, Calif., headquarters of Google. She showed up with the members of British music sensation Coldplay, rode around on a Segway and peered into a couple of cubicles, no doubt to catch the real-life drama of someone writing an action-item memo or taking a sales call.

Other visitors include former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young and former Vice President Al Gore. Even people with day jobs—such as Thomas Friedman, international affairs columnist for The New York Times—have dropped by for visit, a Google representative confirmed.”
– Michael Kanellos: Gwyneth, the Grateful Dead and Google, July 24, 2003


We’re living in the age of communication,
Where every word matters,
Yet everything has been said, and everything has been said better,
Finding information is crucial,
Getting information is easy,
Knowledge is a thing of the past,
Words are the building blocks on which we construct our life:
Original words,
Spawning ideas,
The future has been written already,
Encoded on the web,
Waiting for us to discover,
The meaning of it all.
Close your browser, the cookie will be erased from memory,
Turn off your computer,
Take a look at the world,
No old ideas, when we live here and now,
No new memories,
The air around you,
Cools your mind, and you feel refreshed,
When you are connected to your soul,
You are offline.


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