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Thursday, July 31, 2003

More POGs (Pseudo-Operators for Google)

Here are some more POGs (Pseudo-Operators for Google*):


Like recipe:spaghetti


Like portrait:bush


Like biography:newton


Like bibliography:einstein


Like discography:zappa

*"A POG is basically a word that when used with a colon and another search query directly after gives you a reliable result in Google”, says Microdoc.

Follow-Up on Spanish Problems With Google Groups send this in:

“Dealing with the “Spanish Problems With Google Groups”, I wrote an entry on my blog:

A lot of people in Spain use Telefonica (this is the Spanish main telecomunication company) as their ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Some months ago, Telefonica started to use a ’Transparent Proxy Server’ in order to make users access faster.

But, due to this, a lot of users share the same IP address. So, if one of these users abuses of one service (e.g. Google News), it bans this IP address and, therefore, thousands of users.

A lot of websites are banning Telefonica proxy server’s IP addresses. So, a lot of Spanish users are banned.”, Spanish Google News blog


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