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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Chat with Sergey Brin

“Turning to the technology developments that Google had planned for the future, [Danny Sullivan] asked [Google Co-founder Sergey Brin] to elaborate on the work that goes into the constant development of the famed Google PageRank. Sergey explained that it was still very much an important part of Google’s ranking system and that more than half a dozen new ranking technologies are tested each month with roughly half of these being integrated into Google’s PageRank algorithm. He went to on discuss the issues Google faces with spam and indicated that Google is aware of the “corrupt” uses of some companies in an attempt to manipulate the PageRank but he made it quite clear that they have technologies to deal with any misuse.”
– Andy Beal, Inside Search Engine Strategies, San Jose - Day Three: A Chat With Sergey Brin, 2003-08-21

Put a Heart in the Title

Recently I saw a special character in the title of a search engine result, like this:

♣ ♥ ♠

First I thought it was a special Google offer, but it was just another website. (Unfortunately the site wasn’t cached, and its title changed already when I clicked on it.)
I don’t quite know how to encode your document successfully so that Google will show those characters, and so that browsers will display them correctly in their title – if anybody does, I’d like to know. This result was quite an eye-catcher.

Symbol NameYour Browser DisplayHTML Entity
Club suit♣
Diamond suit♦
Heart suit♥
Spade suit♠


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